The Drell are a proeathan nation-state that existed during the height of the proeathan civilization in the area in and around the Himalayans and parts of central and south-east Asia. They were a great empire led by an Empress and were one of the largest nation of peoples on the Asian continent. They were primarily matriarchal in nature where women were head of house holds.

The cultural sikaz of the Drell is hodori, the ability to suggest and manipulate the will of other proeathans. Doing so was a closely guarded secret by the Drell and using the power frivolously had serious consequences.

Like many proeathan nation-states the Drell went into hibernation during the fall of their civilization. The Adjetavs later found their bunker and killed all but five of them including Cain's father Pipek. They lived out their lives as the last of the Drell among humans until only Cain remains of the old Drell empire as a hybrid of a Drell and a woman of the nomadic tribes of the Asiatic steppe.