The Adjatev are a proeathan nation-state that existed before and after the mass hibernation of the proeathan civilization. Their empire encompassed most of the European part of the Mediterranean and were very militant in their way of life. The Adjatevs were also responsible for the deaths of dozens of other, nation-states that tried to escape the end of the world in cryostasis. In an act of appearing generous they allowed members of smaller nation-states to join them in cryo within their main facility of Pluto. This was simply to ensure that their breeding pool wouldn't go stale if they needed to force intermingling between the nations as they expected to have killed off the rest of the nation-states while in hibernation.

Led by Chronos they created the Stars AI and several other facilities around the world to ensure that when they reawoke they would be more easily to dominate the world and whatever sort of life lived on it when they woke again.